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EOTMC's penultimate show

Yes you read right this will be the second to last chance you have to experience the chucklesome multi media electro-nic obsessed wonder that is END ofTHE month CLUB. We've decided to take a break as of the 7th Birthday (but more of that in Feb).

This month we present two damn fine guests in the form of the wonderfully named FUTURISTIC RETRO CHAMPIONS. Who live up to the promise of their name, three girls and a boy from Edinburgh producing the most perky electro pop. Just what the EOTMC ordered.

Also making a return after ages in hibernation are Motherwell's APHRODISIACS with a new line up that has more synths n machines for beats and that was a direction we a glad to join them on.

Plus your decisive hosts BOZiLLA shall pay tribute to Stooges, Ron Asheton, Fantasy Island host, Ricardo Montolban, not a number except for being the first Edward, Patrick McGoohan and the artistic legend and cravat rocker, Tony Hart.

speaking of who if you would like to add a picture to our tribute gallery please upload it here or e-mail it to mrbennet at eotmc.com. Please include the title and your name & age in years and months.

we are sorry that we cannot return your pictures.

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