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IT'S HALLOWE'En! So Download and watch this Plimptons song "I HATE HALLOWE'EN"! [27 Oct 2009|07:23am]

As such, ALL surviving on my livejournal friends list should EXPERIENCE IT!

download from here: www.mcgazz.com/plimptons

single cover!:

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hello scotlandbands fans [28 Feb 2009|08:47am]

it is my last message to you about our monthly night of entertainment

for tonight is the end of the end of the month club

seven years of multimedia nonsense comes to an end

take care you

mister boz


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'We Want Your Information!,' Nightnews BAT-NEWSFLASH!... [15 Feb 2009|10:43am]

[ mood | artistic ]

'We Want Your Information!,' Nightnews BAT-NEWSFLASH!...


Intro :: The Global Economy and Justice Issues!
A - New Improved Nightnews Listings
B - Nightnews Facebook Group
C - Fringe 2009

Intro Clicky...Collapse )

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Rock & Punk this weekend [27 Jan 2009|12:43am]

[ mood | excited ]

Edg&r have two events for you this week..

Thursday 29th is a combined rock night with Untapped Talent as part of the Student Festival, with two bands - Celador and Omission - along with an Open Mic session and DJ sets into the small hours of the morning.

Teviot Underground. 21:00 - 01:30. £3 entry (£2 if you're in either society)

Friday 30th is a punk night with The Murderburgers (pop punk from Glasgow) and The Hostiles (ska from Ayr) supporting Edinburgh's classic punk band, Sad Society.

Bannerman's Bar. 21:00 - 00:00. £4 entry (£3 for Edgar and Glam members) and all profit going to help Shelter Scotland.

FLYERCollapse )

Hope to see you this weekend!!

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EOTMC's penultimate show [24 Jan 2009|09:42am]

[ mood | creative ]

Yes you read right this will be the second to last chance you have to experience the chucklesome multi media electro-nic obsessed wonder that is END ofTHE month CLUB. We've decided to take a break as of the 7th Birthday (but more of that in Feb).

This month we present two damn fine guests in the form of the wonderfully named FUTURISTIC RETRO CHAMPIONS. Who live up to the promise of their name, three girls and a boy from Edinburgh producing the most perky electro pop. Just what the EOTMC ordered.

Also making a return after ages in hibernation are Motherwell's APHRODISIACS with a new line up that has more synths n machines for beats and that was a direction we a glad to join them on.

Plus your decisive hosts BOZiLLA shall pay tribute to Stooges, Ron Asheton, Fantasy Island host, Ricardo Montolban, not a number except for being the first Edward, Patrick McGoohan and the artistic legend and cravat rocker, Tony Hart.

speaking of who if you would like to add a picture to our tribute gallery please upload it here or e-mail it to mrbennet at eotmc.com. Please include the title and your name & age in years and months.

we are sorry that we cannot return your pictures.


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Beerjacket w/ the second hand marching band [17 Jan 2009|07:12pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi folks, just wanted to drop by and let you know about this gig...

Beerjacket, with support from the second hand marching band

Thursday 5th Feb at Oran Mor, £5

Tickets are available from Ticketweb and Tickets Scotland, or alternatively, click here!

  Beerjacket is one-man alt folk from Glasgow.

Shows have included opening for folks such as:
The National, British Sea Power, Bat For Lashes, Rilo Kiley, The Dodos, Lightspeed Champion, The Gutter Twins, Eugene McGuinness, Frightened Rabbit, Fionn Regan, Giant Drag, Port O' Brien, Arab Strap, Feist, Nina Nastasia, Sean Lennon, Ida Maria, Shout Out Louds, Malcolm Middleton, Joan As Police Woman, The Twilight Sad, Ed Harcourt, Guillemots, Mark Eitzel and Tom Vek as well as performances at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival and Connect Festival.

courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/macollie/  the second hand marching band is a band made up of 16-22 (at last count) members from all over Scotland. They have been together since the end of 2007 and play guitars, ukeleles, mandolins, triangles, accordians, trumpets, tenor horns, saxophones, trombones, glockenspiel, castanets, marching drums, melodicas, woodblocks, tamborines, bells, violins, flutes, clarinets and other stuff. They have just released their first EP, "a dance to half death", available to from their myspace.

Facebook event is here.

Come along! It'll be great, honestly.

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Friday night, so get yer kicks. [05 Dec 2008|04:46pm]

Over the Wall and the Second Hand Marching Band!

Tonight at the Captain's Rest! 8.30pm!

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featuring a proper "youtube star" [23 Nov 2008|06:56pm]


Pockets >>> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=XAg5KjnAhuU
Paraffins >> http://www.myspace.com/theparaffins
Pooch >> http://www.myspace.com/poochtheband
Bozilla >> http://www.myspace.com/bozillabozilla

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halloween [30 Oct 2008|08:08pm]


As a topical tribute to the bank bail out eotmc shall be free entry this month (unless you are a stockbroker in which case you spin the entry wheel of chance take a risk and pay the price).

Other than that this promises to be the most FANGtastic, TERRORific Halloween eotmc yet, also including VJ Thriftshop XL

so tell your skid row credit crunching mates.. this year they can come too .... woooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Tuesday 30th [26 Sep 2008|11:48pm]

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Need help [11 Aug 2008|04:33pm]

Hello folks
My name is Anastasia, I'm from Russia and I'm looking for new bands from Scotland. I need rock or indie bands.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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the letters g and r and the number 8 [30 Jun 2008|12:03am]


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[06 Jun 2008|07:43pm]

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wednesday in glasgow in the 13th note [27 Apr 2008|01:34pm]

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free scottish music! [23 Apr 2008|03:08pm]

Free MP3 from new Scottish outfit, The Second Hand Marching Band

“A Dance To Half Death” a fresh MP3 to download from The Second Hand Marching Band, the latest band to spring up from the outskirts of Glasgow. Comprising of twenty members who play everything from guitar and ukulele to saxophone and trombone to create rousing folk music which has so far taken comparisons from the eastern folk Beirut to the chamber pop of Belle & Sebastian. So far their live sets have been received with enjoyment and bemusement due to the sheer scale of the operation.

Several gigs are in the pipeline, a few of them shall be outdoors, hoping to take advantage of the unpredictable Scottish summer. To check when the latest shows are feel free to the myspace for the band.

Do let them know what you think.

If you play any odd folky instruments and fancy joining in then get in touch. There might be room.
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Request [22 Apr 2008|04:05am]

Does anyone have the song Locked Together By: King Creosote?
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[17 Apr 2008|07:05pm]
БРИТАНСКИЙ КОКТЕЙЛЬ - смешать, но не взбалтывать!

17 апреля в клубе Б2 три группы, представляющие три разных музыкальных направления - ингредиенты взрывоопасного коктейля из стилей! Но не надо паники! Ведь в результате получается ярчайший вечер этой весны!
Ирландский рок, шотландский фанк и английский панк на одной сцене? Почему бы и нет, если речь идёт о хорошей музыке. Самая модная, самая яркая, самая живая музыка с Британских островов!

Page 6
The Fingies

Начало в 20:00
Билеты 300 р. заранее, 400 р. в день концерта

Rock, Punk, Folk, Funk!

Фестиваль стартует 17 апреля в 20.00 в клубе Б2, но на этом всё не заканчивается.
На следующий день (18 апреля) состоится концерт в Санкт-Петербурге в клубе MOD с участием www.myspace.com/thefingies, www.myspace.com/page6music и питерской команды Supermotozoids.
Начало в 22.00.

А еще через день (19 апреля) произойдет закрытие British Fest Tour совместным выступлением www.myspace.com/thefingies и www.myspace.com/page6music в городе Ярославле, в клубе Vinil.

Больше смотри на The Fingies.
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[14 Mar 2008|03:37pm]
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six years of electro based pop bands and topical fun, happy birthday eotmc [28 Feb 2008|11:00pm]


unfortunately mister TXL will not be able to make it
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